Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flats Challenge: Why Am I Joining?

I love cloth diapers. Seriously, I love all cloth diapers in all shapes and styles. Let’s face it, though, flats aren’t the simplest thing to use. They do require more frequent changes than even prefolds and need a snappy or, in my case, pins and a cover. So why am I going to use flats exclusively and handwash them for the week of May23?

Why the Challenge?

Parents everywhere are struggling with the rising costs of gas, food and necessities. Disposable diapers add to this burden. There are parents who reuse their disposable diapers (which can’t be washed, remember) or who don’t change their baby as often as needed to conserve their resources. This can be devastating to a baby’s sensitive skin and can even cause infections from bacteria.

Flats are a viable alternative to disposable diapers. Parents can use their cloth diapers part-time at home, allowing their stash of disposables to last longer while still providing their baby with the safety and comfort they need to develop. There are some things to notice when using cloth diapers for the first time, however. Full time cloth diapering is ideal to save money, but even a part-time commitment can make a huge difference in costs.

I am joining this challenge so that other parents, especially those looking for an economical alternative to disposable diapers, can get some insight about flats and how to use them as a safe alternative for their child. You can get a FULL stash of flats and covers for less than $100. In fact, a dozen flats or flour sack towels from Target costs less than $15, so three dozen diapers plus a few covers can be less than $70 depending on the covers used.

I am going to cover all the basics of choosing and using cloth diaper covers next posting, so check back!

I would also like to give a huge thanks! to Diaper Junction for sponsoring my commitment by sending me a dozen flats for the challenge! Thank you! While I did get free flats for the challenge the sponsor doesn't influence my postings or opinions in any way. Everything I write is based on my own opinions and experiences!