Monday, June 28, 2010

My Switch to More Natural Soaps

First off, let me just say that I love all natural products. Lye soap is one product that I simply can't live without! It may not be as natural as some other products that are made strictly with oils and other organic ingredients, but it is far more natural and cleansing than anything you will find at the store.

I have been using lye soaps and shampoo bars for well over a month. The switch wasn't hard at all. There are dozens of excellent varieties to choose from. My current favorites are lavender exfoliating soap made with real lavender buds, peppermint soap made with peppermint essential oils, and patchouli soap.

Peppermint soap is cooling in the summer, and it can even help some common ailments, such as headaches. I tend to get migraines, and I really can say that the peppermint does help. Lavender smells sweet, and the buds work great as a gentle exfoliate.

There are also some benefits to choosing lye soap. First of all, the soap has a long shelf life so you can buy in bulk and use it whenever you need it. Second, lye can break down dirt easily. If you have kids, then you know that you need something that will work while still being as gentle as possible.

I really love my soap now, and I can let the kids choose the scents that they want to try to make bath time less of a hassle for both me and them. If you switch, tell me some of your favorite scents!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Awesome Giveaway on Serendipity Mommy for Guidecrafe Table, Chairs and Toybox

This set is absolutely stunning! You can see all of Guidecrafts toys and kid's furniture on their website, here: If you homeschool, then you will LOVE this website! There are wooden toys for both young and older kids, and classroom furniture. I didn't read a lot on the website, but most of the things I looked at were natural, unpainted wood. Perfect for those who want an organic, chemical free home.

You can enter Serendipity Mommy's giveaway here: The winner gets a Guidecraft set that include a kids table and 2 chairs, and a matching toybox! Good luck everyone.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Time Diapers

Since it has been in the high 90's with heat indexes in the 100's we have switched to almost entirely prefolds and fitteds. We save our pockets for overnights, when the air conditioning actually seems to work and my poor little one is still having some issues with heat rash in the diaper area. I have resorted to laying him on a prefold for a couple of hours a day so that he can get some air.

So far, airing out has helped the rash a lot. He only has it when he wakes up and by evening it is reduced to just a tad of redness. Mostly it is where the diaper rubs, such as on the thigh and upper leg area. If you have a suggestion for a fitted combo that has a stay dry liner, I would love to hear it. I don't mind waking up and changing baby overnight, since he wakes up to eat several times, anyway. It just seems like most fitteds won't absorb for even the few hours I need them to without being way to wet to be comfortable for my little one.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Free Fuzzi Bunz @ MMB!!

Hey Fuzzi Bunz lovers, there is a contest going on at Mom's Milk Boutique (blog) to win a free Fuzzi Bunz!!! You enter here:
Or you can go to MMB and buy a Fuzzi Bunz here:
Good Luck!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brothers Sewing Machine Giveaway on J. Leigh Designs

If you need a new sewing machine, then you may want to visit J. Leigh Designs blog. She is giving away a Brothers sewing machine to one very lucky reader! You can enter here: or you can buy your own Brothers sewing machine here: Good luck everyone!

Pixie Poppets Have Arrived!

Today I got the Pixie Poppets diaper that I won from Coupon Mom of 2~ It looks amazing! I chose Noir and love it. It is super soft and squishy, trim and made just like a Bum Genius. Now I am off to prep! I will update with my review once my guy has worn this piece of fluffiness!

Well now that I have had a chance to prep and use this diaper a few times, I can say that it is defintiely a keeper. It is just as absorbent as my beloved Happy Heinys, and rivals a BG in comfort and fit. Actually, I think my Pixie Poppit is more comfortable feeling than my BGs, definitely softer and squishier.

If you are in the market for a new diape, this brand is definitely worth a try. Plus, it is cheaper than a lot of diapers that you find on the market.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More on the Chubby Mama Contest!

Wow! Chubby Mamas giveaway has all of this up for grabs:
10 Chubby Cheeks Diapers (Available in Neutral, Boy or Girl print/color combos.)
12 One-Size bamboo/hemp fleece Soakers
3 Doublers (3 Pack)- 9 Doublers Total
2 Cloth Wipes (8 Pack)- 16 Cloth Wipes Total
1 Cloth Wipes Solution (NH Milk & Honey Bun Drops or NH Green Tea & Honey Bun Drops)

That is almost a complete stash for someone!! The winner won't even need to buy wipes, and one pack of Bum drops will last for quite some time! That is an amazing giveaway, and the winner is going to be one lucky entrant!!

You can enter here, under the discussions tab:!/pages/Chubby-Cherubs-Cloth-Diaper-Naturals/336981221948

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Ultimate Giveaway on Facebook!

Chubby Mama is giving away a bamboo cloth diaper package worth $425 on Facebook!! All you need to do to enter is spread the word by sharing the Chubby Mama Facebook link on all the social networking sites you have a profile on, then go back and post your link under the discussions tab on Chubby Mamas page!!

Here is the link:!/pages/Chubby-Cherubs-Cloth-Diaper-Naturals/336981221948

Good luck!