Monday, June 28, 2010

My Switch to More Natural Soaps

First off, let me just say that I love all natural products. Lye soap is one product that I simply can't live without! It may not be as natural as some other products that are made strictly with oils and other organic ingredients, but it is far more natural and cleansing than anything you will find at the store.

I have been using lye soaps and shampoo bars for well over a month. The switch wasn't hard at all. There are dozens of excellent varieties to choose from. My current favorites are lavender exfoliating soap made with real lavender buds, peppermint soap made with peppermint essential oils, and patchouli soap.

Peppermint soap is cooling in the summer, and it can even help some common ailments, such as headaches. I tend to get migraines, and I really can say that the peppermint does help. Lavender smells sweet, and the buds work great as a gentle exfoliate.

There are also some benefits to choosing lye soap. First of all, the soap has a long shelf life so you can buy in bulk and use it whenever you need it. Second, lye can break down dirt easily. If you have kids, then you know that you need something that will work while still being as gentle as possible.

I really love my soap now, and I can let the kids choose the scents that they want to try to make bath time less of a hassle for both me and them. If you switch, tell me some of your favorite scents!

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