PR Policy

We strive to provide honest and insightful reviews of the products that we use. This blog is written, edited, and maintained by myself, Amanda, and reviews come from my personal experience with products. Occasionally, I ask the end user (typically, one of the family members that live in my home) their opinion of how well a product is working if they are the person using the product the most.

We accept all types of products for review, but we tend to focus on products that enhance our policy of living as eco-friendly as possible! We believe in advertising and marketing through word of mouth. I am personally in SEO marketing, so I understand the importance of getting the word out about new products as well as those you feel aren't getting the attention that they deserve! I attempt to write my reviews of products in a way that is Google friendly, too, ensuring people can find my blog when searching for your product.

We accept products for free for the purpose of reviewing them, and offer to host giveaways on this blog. We have not received any compensation for the reviews that we have posted, except for the product itself.

Paid advertising may be available. If you are interested in advertising on my blog,or you would like for me to review a product or you want me to host a giveaway with your products, feel free to contact me.