Saturday, August 15, 2015

Grilling in Style: Cave Tools BBQ Grill Set Review

Cave Tools recently sent me their BBQ Tools Grill Set to review. It is a spatula, tongs and grilling fork made from stainless steel.

I have to admit, I usually skip the BBQ spatula and just use a regular spatula because the grill set my husband previously bought was was too long and heavy for me. The Cave Tools spatula is really an improvement. It isn't too long for me (I am pretty short) and it isn't heavy.

It also has some pretty cool features, like a sloped end that you can use to slide the spatula under your food easily. If you like to drink beer while you are grilling, there is even a bottle opener on the spatula- pretty neat. The overall design is an improvement on my old set of BBQ tools, too. Sleek and modern, with neat looking cut-outs on the spatula and tongs.

OK, the spatula is awesome but I really wanted the set for the tongs. You know how when you cook a potato on the grill, and then the skin breaks when you try to take it off because the tongs are too sharp? The tongs are rounded and wide, with no weird stabbing things on the ends, so they are perfect to take one of my slightly overcooked potatoes off the grill.

Did I mention I am an over-cooker? Yeah, I am. Slightly blackened hot dogs and sausages are my specialty. My husband is more of a let's-do-this-perfect kind of chef. Whatever! You also get a free download for a recipe book with the set, so if you want to try something new, or need ideas for the grill, make sure you check out the download when you get your set.

Let's be honest, the grilling fork is just a fork, but it matches everything else and looks nice on my counter, so there is that to consider. The set is worth buying just for the tongs and spatula, in my opinion.

You can get your own set for 20% off by visiting Cave Tools and entering the code VLOMCLTN during checkout. You can also get the set from Amazon I don't know how long the code lasts, so if you want a set, grab one while the discount code is fresh!

We grill a LOT during the summer, and I can honestly say that these BBQ tools are superior to any I have used before.

While Cave Tools sent me the set free of charge, my opinions are my own and I wasn't compensated for the post other than the set of tools.