Monday, March 29, 2010

My new diaper love: Snappi'd Prefolds!

I have always liked the look of a simple, pinned prefold, but these have become my main day time diaper. It started when my son got a small red area on his leg. I am sure that it came from his night time diapes rubbing while I slept, so I began using prefolds so help it heal quickly.

Now, I am still using the prefolds even though his leg has long been healed. These diapes are super simple to fold and easy to wash, can go on in seconds with a Snappi, and look so darned comfy! My little guys stomach isn't constricted by tons of aplix, and he can kick to his hearts delight in these diapes.

Do you love prefolds, too? I have been experimenting with different folds, and would love to see your favorites, too!

Thrifty Moms Unite!

As a Mom of six, I learned a long time ago that it really pays to be thrifty. I work online, so we do splurge on our cable and internet package, but that is just about the most expensive thing that I do for myself all year. We have been shopping at thrift stores since my oldest kids were little, and rarely pay full price for clothes anymore.

There are some items that I just can't get second hand, like shoes. Alright, I CAN get them secondhand, but they don't last as long and I end up spending more than needed, so I buy them full price from the Shoe Depot. A good pair of shoes will last for six months or more, much longer than a second hand pair.

I have some some new thrifty things, though, like joining Swag Bucks. It seems like it would take forever to earn enough for even a $5 Amazon gift card, but I search literally all day for work, so it actually doesn't take too long to earn enough bucks for something cool.

I also now shop with Hyena Cart. Although I can get some of the items cheaper elsewhere, there are tons of things that I love that are very inexpensive. I found wipes the other day for 20 cents each! I have a collection of home made flannel wipes, but there are times when nothing works as good as an OBV wipe ;)

I have also started menu planning, and although it is more work, it simplifies my grocery shopping and cooking so I am not running to the store for dinner at 5 pm.

Some more things I have done are making my own cleaners with water and essential oils, reducing the amount of soaps I need by making laundry soap (not sure about my formula, it seems to work for now, though!) and starting my own garden with additions like lavender, herbs and ornamentals in addition to vegs so that I don't have to buy these. I LOVE fresh lavender, too, it can be used for tons of projects!

What thrifty things have you done lately? I am looking for tips and advice on saving money, so any ideas are welcome!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Piddle Poddles Love!

Piddle Poddles are not commercial diapers, but are instead a mama-made cloth diaper that works BETTER than any of the commercial fitteds that I have tried. Piddle Poddles come with a snap in liner, and a super cute outside layer. The outside feels sort of like linen that has been waterproofed, while the inside is a wonderfully soft organic bamboo velour, although some of the diapes have microfleece.

All of mine are OBV, however, and they are AWESOME!! I also love that the diapers often come with a matching tee, so that my little guy looks cute even in the summer when I don't want a lot of clothes on him. Although these diapers are fitteds, and you technically need a cover, the only time time that I find that I really NEED a cover is when he is wearing his Piddle Poddles overnight. Even then, they don't leak through but the outside does get damp. Since I don't want my little guy leaking all over, we just throw on a pair of woolies.

You can find Piddle Poddles online at Poddles. You won't be disappointed!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Franklin Goose: Amazing Shop!

So, being one of the cloth diapering moms who love a good deal, I recently read about a new online shop called Franklin Goose offering Moms like me a $5 credit for their opinions on products that they have used. Although I was sure that it was a scam, I headed over to to check it out.

First of all, the range of products there is amazing. There are cloth diapes, wipes, baby wash, Amber necklaces, clothing, shoes, books, you name it. All of it is cute, useful, or both! I started reviewing the items that I had experience with, and within just about an hour or so, I had earned $105 in store credits!

Not only was the deal legitimate, it was open for anyone, and had no limit! I was able to get a new Happy Heiny fleece cover, and an amber necklace for my son who has been having major leg pains for the last few weeks. Maybe the amber will help him.

I also stocked up on Rockin' Green in lavender and vanilla. I have tried it once, but I only had a sample. I am thinking that Rockin' Green may not make my diapes the bright white that I have grown accustomed to using Tide and OxyClean, which would be disappointing. Although I do love all natural, I would rather put up with some chemicals than have my little guy going around with dingy diapies! :)

Being the Mom that I am, I was concerned about having Franklin Goose send me free stuff without me buying anything. I am now planning on buying a new diaper bag this week. Although I don't *really* need a new bag, I could totally use one. Right now I am just using a Loungefly tote, and although it is big enough, there are no separate compartments for bottles and cups, diaper pins and Snappi's so everything has to come out when I am looking for a smaller item. Having a diaper bag with compartments will definitely make my life on the go much simpler!

Plus, I will be supporting a company that I now think is just the best! I am also considering using gDiapers, although I am still torn. I love my cloth, especially my super absorbent Piddle Poddles that are just so cute. I don't like the fact that I would be using something that was disposable, either.

Maybe I will just stick with my PP's and buy my large stash at the Goose. I have had my eye on Happy Hempy's, and I will still be in 100% re-usable diapers, which makes me feel much better.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Using Cloth Wipes

Once I switched to cloth diapers, there was little reason to keep using disposable wipes. I already had a huge stack of Gerber baby washcloths that weren't getting used, so I decided to give cloth wipes a try. I really don't know any Mom, especially a Mom of many, that hasn't resorted to using washcloths when the disposable wipes box was unexpectedly empty!

Cloth wipes are a great choice, and work well for me. I love, love, love Ewe Need It's wipes solution. It has oils in it, but not enough to be greasy, that I feel keep my little ones bum healthy, and smells awesome! Plus, you get to choose your scent, which is way cool. I always have an essential oil added to my solution, but you can also get unscented if your baby has sensitive skin. You can find Ewe Need It here, on Hyena Cart: Http://

I always choose the refill wipes solution, although the first time I bought this brand I also picked up a bottle of foaming wipes solution so I could re-use the bottle. :)

I have also found that I love thick, plush wipes. The wipes from Quilters Nappy are great! Using a thin Gerber washcloth just doesn't compare to using an organic bamboo velour wipe!

Now that I have switched, I love cloth wipes. Not only are they less costly in the long run, the wipes that are available are also super cute and durable. I just throw mine in with the diaper laundry, and we are ready for the next two days worth of diaper changes, without making a trip to the store!

Happy Heinys: What's Your Opinion?

First, just let me say that the first time I put a one-sized Happy Heiny on my little guy I was in stash nirvana. The fit was perfect, the diaper was soft and squishy, and most of all, it didn't leak or get wet on the outside like all of the prefolds and fitted I had in my stash. This first time pocket user was impressed, and I have to admit I may be a little biased because they were my first love concerning pocket diapers.

With that said, I am always entirely shocked when I read the reviews on Happy Heiny diapers. I know that they aren't for everyone, since each child is built differently, but how can there be so many poor or mediocre reviews of these awesome diapes?!

I even find that I prefer my Happy Heinys to Bum Genius, which is saying something since the BG is an excellent overnight diaper that lasts and lasts while we snooze. The issue, I think, may be that I find my Happy Heinys are cute, comfy, and fit my thinner little guy better than they may fit a chunky baby.

So, what is your opinion on Happy Heinys? Love or hate? Did you sell all of yours, and are dedicated to never buying another? Let me know!

Free Stuff Contests!

I have been spending TONS of time entering contests! Usually I am pretty relaxed, and don't like to spend a lot of time on one activity, but this is really fun! I can check out all of the different new types of diapers that I haven't tried, and enter the contests at the same time.

I am not really worried about winning, though. I have this cloth diapering obsession that has led me to invest in an amazing cloth diaper stash. I would never go back to sposies at this point! I am working on some reviews of my stash, too, that I want to post. Maybe I can help another mama choose the right diapes for her little ones!

Now, back to the contests. You will find that the mamas on are great about posting tons of different contests, but there are also some great blogs, too. CouponMommyof2...almost 3 has awesome contests and drawings that are updated frequently, and she gives great reviews on tons of products, too. You can find her page here:

Heres to hoping I can remember to post contests for other mamas to enter and good luck winning!
Speaking of free diapers, Moms Milk Boutique is giving away free 6-packs of diapes for Facebook fans! That is an amazing prize! I already became a fan, I love contests! You can also buy wool wash, cloth diapers, and tons of other stuff on the website,

Spring Break

Well, it is officially spring break so I am loving the time off! I am working more, and planning my wishlist for next fall!

It DOES seem a little bit early to start planning, but with six kids at home, planning is my best friend. I found that some cloth diapering stores even offer lay-away plans, and even has Llamajama woolies, including longies, shorties and soakers!

I have also written some reviews for Franklin Goose ( and have earned a ton of store credit for free stuff! I am now a customer for life, and plan on buying my size large cloth diapering stash from there! They have great prices on Happy Hempy diapers, too, so I plan on trying those.

I have been wondering why more people don't carry Little Beetles, though, because I really want to try those and haven't been able to find any yet!

Well, cloth diapering and planning aside, it has been so nice out lately. We are planning on growing our garden soon, and I am planning on adding lavender and some herbs such as lemongrass this year.

We didn't have a lot of luck last year, because we couldn't find a tiller, but we planted anyway. We ended up getting a few cucumbers, some okra, and some tiny watermelons even though our soil was so rocky!

This year, we are planning on tilling the soil and growing more plants. I am hoping my lavender grows well so that I can make some sleep pillows for the kids this year using my own lavender. I have started making my own cleaners using lavender essential oil, tea tree oil, and orange essential oil. If anyone knows some great cleaning or air freshening combos, let me know! For air freshener I am just using patchouli and orange oil mixed with distilled water, but love the smells of rose essential oil.

With spring upon us, I am ready to get outdoors! I can't wait until we are able to hang clothes on the line again, and go camping! Happy Spring everyone!