Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break

Well, it is officially spring break so I am loving the time off! I am working more, and planning my wishlist for next fall!

It DOES seem a little bit early to start planning, but with six kids at home, planning is my best friend. I found that some cloth diapering stores even offer lay-away plans, and even has Llamajama woolies, including longies, shorties and soakers!

I have also written some reviews for Franklin Goose ( and have earned a ton of store credit for free stuff! I am now a customer for life, and plan on buying my size large cloth diapering stash from there! They have great prices on Happy Hempy diapers, too, so I plan on trying those.

I have been wondering why more people don't carry Little Beetles, though, because I really want to try those and haven't been able to find any yet!

Well, cloth diapering and planning aside, it has been so nice out lately. We are planning on growing our garden soon, and I am planning on adding lavender and some herbs such as lemongrass this year.

We didn't have a lot of luck last year, because we couldn't find a tiller, but we planted anyway. We ended up getting a few cucumbers, some okra, and some tiny watermelons even though our soil was so rocky!

This year, we are planning on tilling the soil and growing more plants. I am hoping my lavender grows well so that I can make some sleep pillows for the kids this year using my own lavender. I have started making my own cleaners using lavender essential oil, tea tree oil, and orange essential oil. If anyone knows some great cleaning or air freshening combos, let me know! For air freshener I am just using patchouli and orange oil mixed with distilled water, but love the smells of rose essential oil.

With spring upon us, I am ready to get outdoors! I can't wait until we are able to hang clothes on the line again, and go camping! Happy Spring everyone!

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