Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Piddle Poddles Love!

Piddle Poddles are not commercial diapers, but are instead a mama-made cloth diaper that works BETTER than any of the commercial fitteds that I have tried. Piddle Poddles come with a snap in liner, and a super cute outside layer. The outside feels sort of like linen that has been waterproofed, while the inside is a wonderfully soft organic bamboo velour, although some of the diapes have microfleece.

All of mine are OBV, however, and they are AWESOME!! I also love that the diapers often come with a matching tee, so that my little guy looks cute even in the summer when I don't want a lot of clothes on him. Although these diapers are fitteds, and you technically need a cover, the only time time that I find that I really NEED a cover is when he is wearing his Piddle Poddles overnight. Even then, they don't leak through but the outside does get damp. Since I don't want my little guy leaking all over, we just throw on a pair of woolies.

You can find Piddle Poddles online at Poddles. You won't be disappointed!

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