Monday, March 29, 2010

My new diaper love: Snappi'd Prefolds!

I have always liked the look of a simple, pinned prefold, but these have become my main day time diaper. It started when my son got a small red area on his leg. I am sure that it came from his night time diapes rubbing while I slept, so I began using prefolds so help it heal quickly.

Now, I am still using the prefolds even though his leg has long been healed. These diapes are super simple to fold and easy to wash, can go on in seconds with a Snappi, and look so darned comfy! My little guys stomach isn't constricted by tons of aplix, and he can kick to his hearts delight in these diapes.

Do you love prefolds, too? I have been experimenting with different folds, and would love to see your favorites, too!

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