Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Heinys: What's Your Opinion?

First, just let me say that the first time I put a one-sized Happy Heiny on my little guy I was in stash nirvana. The fit was perfect, the diaper was soft and squishy, and most of all, it didn't leak or get wet on the outside like all of the prefolds and fitted I had in my stash. This first time pocket user was impressed, and I have to admit I may be a little biased because they were my first love concerning pocket diapers.

With that said, I am always entirely shocked when I read the reviews on Happy Heiny diapers. I know that they aren't for everyone, since each child is built differently, but how can there be so many poor or mediocre reviews of these awesome diapes?!

I even find that I prefer my Happy Heinys to Bum Genius, which is saying something since the BG is an excellent overnight diaper that lasts and lasts while we snooze. The issue, I think, may be that I find my Happy Heinys are cute, comfy, and fit my thinner little guy better than they may fit a chunky baby.

So, what is your opinion on Happy Heinys? Love or hate? Did you sell all of yours, and are dedicated to never buying another? Let me know!

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