Saturday, March 27, 2010

Franklin Goose: Amazing Shop!

So, being one of the cloth diapering moms who love a good deal, I recently read about a new online shop called Franklin Goose offering Moms like me a $5 credit for their opinions on products that they have used. Although I was sure that it was a scam, I headed over to to check it out.

First of all, the range of products there is amazing. There are cloth diapes, wipes, baby wash, Amber necklaces, clothing, shoes, books, you name it. All of it is cute, useful, or both! I started reviewing the items that I had experience with, and within just about an hour or so, I had earned $105 in store credits!

Not only was the deal legitimate, it was open for anyone, and had no limit! I was able to get a new Happy Heiny fleece cover, and an amber necklace for my son who has been having major leg pains for the last few weeks. Maybe the amber will help him.

I also stocked up on Rockin' Green in lavender and vanilla. I have tried it once, but I only had a sample. I am thinking that Rockin' Green may not make my diapes the bright white that I have grown accustomed to using Tide and OxyClean, which would be disappointing. Although I do love all natural, I would rather put up with some chemicals than have my little guy going around with dingy diapies! :)

Being the Mom that I am, I was concerned about having Franklin Goose send me free stuff without me buying anything. I am now planning on buying a new diaper bag this week. Although I don't *really* need a new bag, I could totally use one. Right now I am just using a Loungefly tote, and although it is big enough, there are no separate compartments for bottles and cups, diaper pins and Snappi's so everything has to come out when I am looking for a smaller item. Having a diaper bag with compartments will definitely make my life on the go much simpler!

Plus, I will be supporting a company that I now think is just the best! I am also considering using gDiapers, although I am still torn. I love my cloth, especially my super absorbent Piddle Poddles that are just so cute. I don't like the fact that I would be using something that was disposable, either.

Maybe I will just stick with my PP's and buy my large stash at the Goose. I have had my eye on Happy Hempy's, and I will still be in 100% re-usable diapers, which makes me feel much better.

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