Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Using Cloth Wipes

Once I switched to cloth diapers, there was little reason to keep using disposable wipes. I already had a huge stack of Gerber baby washcloths that weren't getting used, so I decided to give cloth wipes a try. I really don't know any Mom, especially a Mom of many, that hasn't resorted to using washcloths when the disposable wipes box was unexpectedly empty!

Cloth wipes are a great choice, and work well for me. I love, love, love Ewe Need It's wipes solution. It has oils in it, but not enough to be greasy, that I feel keep my little ones bum healthy, and smells awesome! Plus, you get to choose your scent, which is way cool. I always have an essential oil added to my solution, but you can also get unscented if your baby has sensitive skin. You can find Ewe Need It here, on Hyena Cart: Http://

I always choose the refill wipes solution, although the first time I bought this brand I also picked up a bottle of foaming wipes solution so I could re-use the bottle. :)

I have also found that I love thick, plush wipes. The wipes from Quilters Nappy are great! Using a thin Gerber washcloth just doesn't compare to using an organic bamboo velour wipe!

Now that I have switched, I love cloth wipes. Not only are they less costly in the long run, the wipes that are available are also super cute and durable. I just throw mine in with the diaper laundry, and we are ready for the next two days worth of diaper changes, without making a trip to the store!

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