Thursday, April 8, 2010

Springtime Blues and Everything New

Spring is one of my favorite seasons, but this year I was even more excited. We had some of the coldest temperatures on record this year, so I have been looking forward to the warm sunshine for quite some time.

Unfortunately, I forgot about spring time colds and allergies. We woke this morning with stuffy noses, and a headache that just won't budge.

On a positive note, gardening is taking off! We have had a few cool nights lately, but there is plenty of sunshine, too. I am finally able to get the little ones outside and playing for at least a little while each day, so they are definitely feeling happier that winter is over, too.
I have also finally gotten a shipping confirmation for my Franklin Goose goodies! I am trying Katydid diapers for the first time, so I am super excited about that. The colors look amazing online, and I am hoping that they look awesome in real life, as well.

I am also anxiously awaiting the remainder of my new mama cloth. Even though it is sort of a taboo subject, I am really excited about switching over. There is a great mama in my home state who makes mama cloth, and even offers customs. Shipping only takes a few days from her house to mine, and her prices are super affordable!

My husband is also gifting me with a sewing machine so I can make some of my own goodies. I love to sew by hand, but haven't ever used a machine. I am undecided on which one to get, though. Have any of you mamas had a great machine that you love? If so, leave me a comment!

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