Sunday, April 18, 2010

Free Stuff is the Best Stuff

I love free stuff. After I figured out how to get Microsoft to auto-fill my forms, I get all kinds of free stuff in the mail. I get homeschool posters, Lego blocks, pens and pencils, and a variety of calenders and other this and thats.

Not only does it save money, it often satisfies my need for "something new" without the need to spend anything. As a mom on a budget, free stuff is one indulgence I don't have to feel guilty about!

The best thing that I have gotten free- so far- is a Tarot deck that I won. It is called the Shining Tribe Tarot. I still have that deck, and even though I don't use it often it is a wonderful reminder of how great it is to win something!

Speaking of winning free stuff, my kids came on on Friday and two of them had won prizes at school. My son won a basket ball, which is pretty cool, but my 9 year old daughter won a tent and a sleeping bag! We love camping, so I was super excited for her.

It has been quite a while since I have won anything, even though I enter nearly every free for shipping lotto that I come across. Have you won anything cool lately? If so, what was it and where did you win it from? Winning makes you feel great, and lets me pass on something that I don't need anymore. Heres wishing luck to everyone who is entered in a contest or drawing!

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