Thursday, April 29, 2010

Teething Babies, Oh My!

Well, the time has come for my nearly five month old to get a tooth. He is a little younger than any of my other kids were, but his top left tooth looks as if it might bust through any day. His poor gums look purplish and swollen, too. My poor little guy. :(

He has an amber anklet, but he is stills fussier than normal. Hopefully teething won't lead to anything else, but it is so common for my babies to end up with an ear infection while they are teething.

On a positive note, teeth means he can start eating finger foods soon! Hopefully by six months, when it is time to start fruits and veggies, I can make his food at home using good ingredients rather than buying jarred baby foods.

One of the foods that I am interested in most is carrots. Their texture, when home cooked, seems a little too tough for those little ones just starting to eat. I am considering investing in a baby food maker, although I don't really have any experience with making my own baby foods.

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