Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Katydids Review

Recently I purchased some Katydids cloth diapers. I chose them because the look like great diapes, and I LOVE the Twilight color. I also got a Melon because I have had an orange diaper on my wishlist for quite some time.

The Katydids are very similar to a Bum Genius in appearance. They come with two microfiber stuffins and have a front pocket opening, rather than a rear pocket. I like this idea because sometimes when I am in a hurry I don't pull the stuffins down into the diape far enough to cover the entire wet zone in the front of the diaper. The front opening ensures that the wet zone is covered.

Well, last night I grabbed my Melon and stuffed it with the large insert and put my little one down for the night. It isn't uncommon for him to sleep for four to six hours at once. When I woke at 6ish, my little guy's diape was dripping soaked! I wonder if I didn't prep enough, or if I should have used both liners. I can say that when I use a BG with only one liner, it isn't enough for all night but I haven't ever had my little guy this wet before, even with a fitted!

I wonder if my little guy has turned into a supersoaker, if I didn't prep enough, or if it is just the diaper? What have your experiences with Katydid been like? I hate to say that it isn't a great diape if it is my fault for not prepping properly but this is definitely a cute diaper that is only going to be used in the daylight hours from now on!

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