Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pixie Poppets Have Arrived!

Today I got the Pixie Poppets diaper that I won from Coupon Mom of 2~ It looks amazing! I chose Noir and love it. It is super soft and squishy, trim and made just like a Bum Genius. Now I am off to prep! I will update with my review once my guy has worn this piece of fluffiness!

Well now that I have had a chance to prep and use this diaper a few times, I can say that it is defintiely a keeper. It is just as absorbent as my beloved Happy Heinys, and rivals a BG in comfort and fit. Actually, I think my Pixie Poppit is more comfortable feeling than my BGs, definitely softer and squishier.

If you are in the market for a new diape, this brand is definitely worth a try. Plus, it is cheaper than a lot of diapers that you find on the market.

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