Friday, July 9, 2010

Why You Do, or Don't, Use Cloth

As a person who adores cloth diapering, I sometimes wonder why more people don't use cloth. Not only is it wonderful for your baby, there are more benefits than I can list in this article. Some of the most important to me are that my baby's skin is the healthiest that I have seen, even on his bum.

After raising five other babies, all of whom had their fair share of rashes, I can be confident when I say that it was the disposable diapers that caused it. I change my baby when he needs it, and don't have to slather on diaper cream to protect his skin from the harsh chemicals in his diaper now.

I also (unfortunately) want to convince people to use cloth. Their reasons for *not* using cloth diapers just don't seem valid to me, but then again, they may not be convinced that ditching the disposable is worth the hassle of cloth.

In reality, using cloth is no harder than doing a load of laundry. That's it, nothing special. I don't even do an extra rinse and all my nappies come out of the wash fresh and clean every time. I am a little more understanding of mamas that have tried cloth, and had issues with things like ammonia build-up, rashes from PUL or problems with their significant other because of their choice.

I, so far, have had only a minimum of problems using my stash. I haven't had a disposable on my baby since he was a newborn, and don't plan to. My only issue was when I was using Tide. My diapes started to smell strange, but that issue cleared up quickly when I switched to a more cloth diaper friendly detergent.

If you don't use cloth, why not? There are lots of mamas that just can't do it for a lot of reasons.

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