Friday, July 30, 2010

My Six Month Diaper Review

I have been exclusively cloth diapering my December baby since January, so we are right at the six month mark of using our cloth diaper stash. Which diapers have held up best, which are falling apart, and which did I decide I love the most? Here is all I have found about cloth diapering.

BG's with aplix- I bought my Bum Genius diapers brand new, and have used them for overnights. The inserts are still in good condition, with some thinning but not too bad. The aplix does come undone, and my baby is almost too wide for these diapers. I think he will thin out once he starts walking though, so he won't ever actually outgrow the BG stash I have. Overall, a good diaper but not the best.

Happy Heinys- I love HH diapers because the aplix still works great. I do find that the inserts are thinner than the BG's, though. I still use these overnight, but if I don't add an extra insert I end up with leaks by morning. Still love the great fit.

Fuzzi Bunz- Are AMAZING! I have the FB one size. The inserts are still thick and fluffy, and there is no way that my baby will outgrow these diapers before potty learning. They are truly worth every cent.

Prefolds- I mostly have Little Lion prefolds, and these diapers are the simplest to use and easiest to care for. If you are looking for no fuss diapers, prefolds are perfect. I know these will last to potty learning.

Piddle Poddles One Size- I can't snap these anymore, but the actual diapers are still in great condition. Worth it if you have a tiny little one.

Goodmama- I have washed my one lonely GM so much that there are holes in it! It is still super soft and comfy, one of our go to diapers when it is too hot for PUL but we need something thicker than a prefold.

Bagshot Row Bamboo- LOVE these. We have a few, and they are amazing. They have been worn and washed countless times, and are still in great condition and fit well.

Swellbabys- We got these pre-loved diapers for a bargain as one of our first diapers and they are still going strong. Great diapers if you can find them. If you do see some, message me! We love them!

That's about it for our diaper stash. We do have some newer diapers, but I need some time to see how they hold up. Fuzzi Bunz are one of my first recommendations for moms and dads who want a pocket diaper that will last for many years, with prefolds being a recommendation if you want to use cloth on a tight budget. Which diapers have served you well over the years?


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  2. I like Fuzzi Bunz too. I want to find out more about cloth wipes. I'm curious how often you wash them. After one use? I've never tried.

  3. I washed mine a few times before they actually were up to full absorbency, and I used hot, hot, hot water to make sure all the oils were out of my inserts. I wash my diapers about once every two days, but more often if needed.
    Cloth wipes are awesome! I have a variety of wipes, from a lot of different manufacturers and some home made, and they are really way more convenient if you are already using cloth diapers! I just throw mine in when I was diapers and viola! Diapers and wipes, all ready to go!