Thursday, December 2, 2010

BrytonPick Review

Recently BrytonPick sent me one of their convenient little flossers to review. It looks like a tiny little boomerang with a pastic center and metal on each end. The metal is incredibly thin and rounded so there isn't any danger of cutting your mouth unless you just go crazy and start jabbing the heck out of your gums with the flosser.

I will say I was kind of scared to use the flosser so I went to the Bryton website to check out their video demonstration. It helped a little. The flosser does work, and it works way, way better than a toothpick. I am now carrying my Bryton flosser in my wallet. The website says that these little flossers are reusable up to thirty days so I rinse mine and stick it back in the package that it came in and put it in my wallet.

Overall, its a neat little product to have on hand when you go out to dinner or heck, just sitting around and decide to floss your teeth. If you are like me you decide to do odd stuff at odd moments like that.

Definitely better than floss, too. I hate how some teeth are so closely spaced that I have to really push on floss to get in between each set of teeth, but with the Bryton flosser there is absolutely no struggle. You can use it between teeth and along the gumline easily. I would recommend it to my friends and family, and I even gave my extra to my husband for his wallet.

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