Friday, February 11, 2011

Updates, Snow and Upcoming Giveaways

Wow, what an amazing and interesting week it has been. First, we got a LOT of snow for this area. We ended up with about 2 feet of snow during the past two weeks. My kids haven't even been to school in a little over two weeks, too! But, I have some amazing news! Starting next week I will have two giveaways that are confirmed for my blog!

First I will be hosting a Juppy Walker giveaway. I am not a fan of "baby holders", you know, those things that we all use to keep our babies contained when we are busy. If I can't do the job when holding my baby then I just use a carrier or wrap to wear my baby. But, this product is different. It isn't meant to be a baby holder! I will give you all the details when I have my giveaway posted!

I am also working with one of my favorite companies, Seventh Generation. I totally love that their products are made with the Earth and our future, and children's future, in mind. I am going to be hosting a special giveaway for women during the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!

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