Monday, October 18, 2010

Cloth Diapers and Consumeism: My Take on Things

Cloth diapers are less expensive than disposable diapers, in general. However, some Moms spend much, much more on their cloth diapers and wool stash than they would ever spend on clothing and disposable diapers for their baby. This isn't wrong, really, and I have done the same thing.

Everywhere you turn, consumerism is alive and well. Companies are more than willing to give customers discounts, free samples, and other specials in order to entice them into buying. And parents generally want the best for their kids, and aren't afraid to spend the money to get it. Competition among cloth diaper companies is very fierce, and among WAHMs, too.

And, even when you take eco-consciousness into consideration, buying a huge stash of cloth diapers is a better option than spending the money on things that are going to end up in the landfill. With all of these ideas, however, is also the idea that we need to have the latest and greatest in the cloth diapering world just to prove, perhaps, that we aren't cloth diapering because we are poor.

It is a fact that most of the worlds population and poor. Cloth diapering outside of the US and Europe is common, and in fact in some countries is the norm. Why do we feel as if we have to post pictures of our stash, itemizing each diaper by brand and color? Why do we, as people who want to reduce consumerism, end up buying our babies twelve pairs of longies for each season, plus shorties for the summer? Why do we need to try every single kind of diaper on the market, plus all the accessories to go along with it?

But, I am really interested in opinions on this. Do you find that consumerism is obvious in the cloth diapering world? Do you personally feel pressured to buy more expensive than necessary diapers and wool?

Myself, I love looking at all the cute diapers and longies for sale, but generally limit spending to $12(used)-$20(new) for a diaper and $20-$30 for longies. I have splurged on a couple of tees, but only occasionally.


  1. Great post!! I could never spend the money that people do for diapers even if I re-use them, so when my 3rd baby was on the way I ended up making my own~ I however am glad other people do buy and spend the money on their cloth stash, because I sell mine on etsy~

  2. I agree that it is a great way for WAHMs to earn some money! And, I love my WAHM diapers. What is your store name?