Friday, October 29, 2010

Review of Sunbaby Diapers

I bought a Sunbaby diaper in September. I really needed some more color in my stash, so I chose red. I really like the diaper itself. It has a lower rise than you may be accustomed to, much lower than a Happy Heiny diaper. But it really looks more comfortable on my baby, too. The rise sits under his belly button, and if I were personally wearing jeans or something I would prefer a lower rise to make sitting and bending easier.

I also have to say the inside of the Sunbaby diaper that I have is soft and much thicker than most diapers. I really think that it is fleece inner. The inserts are also holding up really well and the snaps are still working great. I bought a natures Love diaper from eBay, used it twice and the snaps stopped working right. When my son crawls, the snaps on the Natures Love diaper come undone so I stopped using it.

So, for the price I would say a Sunbaby diaper is well worth it. I think my diaper was about $6, much less expensive than a BG. Oh, and the velcro on my BG stopped working in less than eight months, so that is something to think about if you are in the market for new diapers! The microfiber inserts that come with a Sunbaby are the same as you would find with any commercial diaper, and work just as well, too.

Do you have a favorite diaper that is inexpensive? I have some Kawaii on order, and am thinking of giving them as baby shower gifts to some family members that are expecting. I would LOVE to hear opinions on them before buying, though!

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