Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shutterfly Holiday Cards: Tis the Season!

I am looking over the Shutterfly cards, and have found the perfect selection for my family this season:The Believe in Magic Christmas Card. You can find the Believe in Magic Christmas Card at by browsing through the Christmas card selection available. The Believe In Magic design is classic Christmas red, with a little star design along the top. I think that this design would be absolutely perfect to use for my little ones picture. You can see it right here:

I am thinking of only using the baby's picture in this years card, just because so few people in my family have met him. Plus, he will be one in December so I am just celebrating his first year in general! If you want, there are also tons of cards that can fit five or more photos on the front. Perfect for large families like mine!

I personally love the holidays, and Shutterfly makes it simple to personalize greeting cards for friends and family. The Christmas card selection is found here . There is something for everyone here. I love several of the cards, and now I am really having a hard time choosing which one would be just right to celebrate this year! I have so much to celebrate. My family is healthy and we are working, my baby is growing and my kids are doing well in school. I am also thinking of having a party this year for my son, and there are some cute invitations on Shutterfly, too.

The Christmas invitations on Shutterfly are really cute, and would be perfect for a Christmas birthday. Snowflake Shower is one of my favorites, and kind of even matches the Believe in Magic card that I like for Christmas! You can find all of the Shutterfly Christmas invitations here:

I love that you can just upload your photo, too. All my pictures are on memory cards, so I don't have to worry about getting a hard copy to use. Shutterfly is pretty awesome! There is even free shipping on orders of $30 or more, and Shutterfly is giving bloggers the chance to get 50 free cards just for a blog post!

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