Sunday, November 7, 2010

Boiron Cyclease Review for Women!

I am a Mom Ambassador for Boiron, a company that makes homeopathic medicines. They have sent me two products to review, Cyclease for cramps and Cyclease PMS. I tried both of these on different occasions, and can say they really do work.

Let me just say that I am pretty much a skeptic concerning homeopathic medicines. I am just way too science-based-show-me-some-evidence to think that these medicines would work, but I must say I was pretty impressed. I am really, really new to homeopathic medicines but I researched all of the ingredients in these medicines and have found that they are derived from natural sources and that these medicines are well known in the world of homeopathy.

I also found that the Cyclease PMS helps with migraines associated with PMS, which is really helpful to me. I have tons of headaches but the migraines I get when I have PMS are really unbearable. Aspirin really doesn't help at all, so I am going to try the Cyclease PMS the next time that I have one. The biggest obstacle for me is actually identifying PMS for what it is! I never relate my irritability, migraines and bloating to PMS until afterward, and then I realized what was going on with my terrible mood.

I do have cramping, and it can be severe but since I switched to mama cloth it really isn't as bad as it once was. The Boiron Cyclease Cramps was just right for getting rid of the cramping.

While I am on the topic of homeopathic medicines, I should also mention that I tried the Roxalia for a sore throat I was dealing with recently. I really, really worked. I used the medicine for the first hour, as recommended,and drank some OJ that night. I felt so much better the next morning, and I didn't have to worry about going to the doctor. Anytime I have a sore throat I end up on antibiotics, so the Roxalia really was an amazing product for me.

The Cyclease is something that I think a majority of women could use and that would really work. The medicines are easy to use, and don't have any side effects. I like that I can take these with my prescriptions and don't have to worry about anything weird happening.

If you want to try Cyclease for cramps for Cyclease PMS, you can visit the Boiron website to order. It is at There is a wide range of medicines for kids and adults to use for all kinds of conditions, including colds, flus, PMS and sore throats.

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