Friday, November 26, 2010

X-Box, Cartoon Network and Other Evil Things Corrupting My Baby

OK, maybe "evil" is just a tad overreactive. Those things reeally aren't evil, but they are ruining my life right now. My 3 year old, Little Zelda Fanatic, is just zoned out on X-Box games and cartoons all the time. It isn't that I don't encourage him to do other things. I get him dressed, take him out, buy him art supplies and crafty things, entice him with bribes...wait, did I say bribes? Nevermind that.

I have no idea why the same things aren't working with him that worked with my older kids. Who, by the way, could write their names and say the ABC's by the time they were three. Maybe I was just a more involved parent back then?

I am totally up for suggestions. What to you do to rid your home of the powers of evil and get your kids motivated to do other things?

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