Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Live With Little Smarties

I just have to brag for a moment. My kids are constantly impressing me with their involvment, committment and success in school. I recently attended parent teacher conferences and was so excited to hear how well my youngest daughter, S, is doing in school.

First, I have to explain S at home. She is a sweetheart, totally into drama (like, acting on stage except she acts through normal conversations. Its hard to explain, but its like living with an actress 100% of the time!) She builds forts, has a ten second attention span, and is generally go-get-'em. I love all of this about her, but the attention span kills me! I was sure that, when she started first grade, the teacher would be sending me a note with something about ADHD in it sometime soon, but it never happened.

Anyway. I walk into her classroom to hear the teacher literally gush about how wonderful it is to have her in the class. Not only that, they are actually setting a group up in her classroom just for her to help teach other students some concepts that they are having a hard time with! How excited I am as a parent to have a child who not only understands her education, but that is also willing to spend her time helping others.

I really am blessed to have kids that succeed academically and that love school in general. I personally disliked school and everything about it, so I guess I am doubly blessed in that regard.

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