Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mr Coffee Giveaway on 5 Vinez Monkeys

I LOVE coffee, lets just get that out of the way. There is nothing so exciting that I skip my morning cup...or eight cups...of Tasters Choice. And yes, it usually has to be Tasters Choice, but sometimes I do crave a nice cup of brewed coffee. And I use my coffee pot to keep hot water for a quick cup. Now, Mr. Coffee and 5 Vinez Monkeys are offering one lucky reader a chance to win a single serve coffee pot. I have been dreaming of a single serve coffee pot forever, I am just way too cheap and practical to buy one. But, I did enter to win one here:

If you are less cheap and practical than I am, you can also buy one here: for a fresh cup of coffee anytime. I hate making full pots of coffee since they burn before I can drink it, and since I am a total coffee geek I absolutely cannot stand the taste of burnt or old coffee. I think if I had a single serve pot I might drink brewed coffee much more often!

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