Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Going Green for the Holidays

With Halloween upon us (my favorite holiday, followed closely by Christmas) I have been looking for ways to make sure my family is still being as eco-conscious as possible. For example, this year I bought all my kids costumes second-hand, which is not only green but also frugal. I ended up getting four costumes for around $30, which is a pretty good deal. I am sad to report my two oldest kids don't know if they are going to celebrate with a costume this year, they just aren't into the holiday spirit. :(

What about Halloween bags? I made some bags out of Halloween fabric that I already had, and I am considering using old t-shirts to make bags for the other kids. I somehow feel like I am depriving them of something, however. Why is that? I know that a fifty cent plastic bag from Target isn't anything special. My 3 year old is dead set on an orange pumpkin bucket, so I guess I will get one for him. At least it is reusable ;)

For Christmas I am considering arterro products. They look amazing, and I actually already have a bookmaking kit stashed for my 10 year old daughter as a gift. Here is hoping they feel crafty this Christmas! How do you stay green during the holidays? I feel like there is something more I can do to make our holidays as eco-friendly as possible.

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