Thursday, September 9, 2010

Life- Semi Crunchy Giveaway of Miss Lilys Washing Powder

Life- Semi Crunchy is a great blog that is hosting a giveaway of Miss Lily's Washing powders, right now! Miss Lilys comes in several great scents, including my favorite, pink sugar. For everyone else, there is also apple mango tango, unscented, baby bee, french vanilla, baby powder, and butt naked. All of these scents sound amazing. I have personally tried butt naked and pink sugar scents in other products, and they smell so good you won't want to stop sniffing your new washing powder!

Plus, Miss Lily's is so affordable! You can get enough to wash 44 loads of diapers for just $10 plus ship- that is WAY cheaper than a lot of the other WAHM washing powders out there! She also sells half bags for just $5.50, which I am ordering right away!

If you want to enter this giveaway, just visit here:

OR you can buy your own Miss Lily's here:

Good luck, and look for my review of Miss Lily's soon!

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