Monday, January 17, 2011

Going Green

Going green is really a bunch of little changes that add up to a lifestyle change. I really try to make everything I do as green as possible, but there are some things that I struggle with. Like Pine Sol. I freakin' LOVE the smell of Pine Sol. Seriously. Sometimes you can find me in Wal-Mart just sniffing a bottle because I stopped buying it. But I still love it!

Pine Sol is probably what heaven smells like, but I'm sure its all organic and chemical free there.

Anyway. So, now I just use tea tree oil, lavender and water. It smells pretty good and it get things clean so I can't complain. My next step is switching to all stainless steel water bottles for me and the kids. I stopped buying bottled water because of the pollution factor but now I just don't want to drink water. I also found some pretty cool filter bottles from Bobble (BPA free) that I am considering.

I also love makeup, and not the organic, bug free, all natural kind. I like really good waterproof mascara. But I don't mind mineral makeup, its actually pretty good.

My goals for this year are pretty simple as far as going green:
-grow a 100% organic garden with my kids that is more productive than last years
-Don't buy any more throw away batteries, but get the rechargeable kind for EVERYTHING. Which is a lot of stuff around here.
-Try to buy second hand whenever possible.
-Don't buy plastic (like dishes) and don't buy bottled water unless absolutely necessary.

What are your going green goals in 2011? I think I have a really good start this year. We are planning on buying clothes, games, toys and books secondhand and already have some plans for the garden!


  1. I love the smell of Pine Sol too!!! It's a comfort smell for me taking me back to my childhood. It definitely has an addictive property to it.
    In lieu of bottled water, I fill several SIGG bottles with filtered tap water. The SIGG bottles are cooler looking than the bottled water bottles anyway.
    Keep up the great blogging!

  2. Thank you! Pine Sol is just addictive, isn't it?! We switched to Kleen Kanteens for the kids, and they love them! Im gonna have to check out SIGG, I don't think I have even heard of that brand.