Monday, January 3, 2011

Roman Town Review

A while back I was invited to try out Roman Town, a computer games based on archeology. My kids love stuff like this so I was so excited to install it for them as a surprise. The game itself is super easy to install. I was worried because I have Windows 7 and that wasn't listed on the package for the game as compatible, but it worked great!

My daughter and I tried the game out and ended up playing for a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon. She did most of the playing but the graphics looked nice and she had a lot of fun with it. My three year old played, too, so you can see how versatile the game is since my daughter is 14. We planned a party to show the game to some of the homeschoolers in my family on Sunday.

If you are a homeschool family, then you know how involved something as simple as a game can be! Roman Town included some archeology-friendly recipes along with their game, so we just had to try them out. We made the fossil dip using their recipe.

The recipe is:

-One round loaf of bread, hollowed out. The suggested pumpernickel, but we used honey wheat from the bakery.
-Veggies like carrots, celery and red pepper slices to excavate the dip.
-Veggie dip. We used sour cream with dry Ranch dressing mix, it is my kids favorite!

Just use the veggies to excavate the dip! How cute.

We also used our Roman Town cups, which have sports bottle lids, to drink Fossil Juice made with lemonade, ginger ale and green food coloring! The kids loved it!

The homescghool kids all loved it and so did the moms that came over. We had a lot of fun with the beanies and the cups that Roman Town sent out, too! The game is just the right thing when you want to incorporate history and archeology into your homeschool program or when you have kids like mine that just love history.

You can find Roman Town here:

Its a pretty cool game! One thing to note is that if your kids are into graphics or have a lot of games they play on the Wii or something, they may not be as impressed with the fun/showy factors. This is really and educational game, so its best for learning!

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