Monday, January 24, 2011

Wow- What a Season!

Every winter we end up battling colds and coughs. My youngest daughter has allergies, so its a double battle with her. This year we have switched to mostly homeopathic medicines and guess what? No winter-long cough! For the past three or four years she has coughed all winter long, despite trips to the Dr. I don't feel comfortable giving them Clartin or other over the counter medicines on a daily basis, plus they made my son have a terrible stomach ache. So, no thanks to that.

We used natural honey and peppermint when we did have a cough. And lots of Four thieves oil. I added some 4 Thieves essential oil to a bottle of sweet almond oil and let them rub a dime sized drop on their chest before bed when the had a flu bug. It seemed to work, they were all 95% better the next morning. Of course, we did visit our doctor and I recommend everyone else do the same if you have symptoms of the flu.

I also use Four Thieves oil in my oil burner during the whole time they were sick, and neither me, my husband, or Little Wiggler got sick. I'm totally giving that to the Four Thieves, since I always get sick when the kids do.

What are your favorite homeopathic or natural remedies? I would love to know!

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