Saturday, January 22, 2011

Zobha Contest for Yoga

There is a cool free yoga stuff giveaway here:

I personally love yoga, and I know a lot of other Moms do, too. They have some pretty cool stuff on the website, including clothing and accessories. Here is my list of faves from the site.

Top: The Grace V Tank in black and Moroccan blue.

I really like tops that have a V neckline.I also like a lot of their pants, especially the Harlem capris in black. They look perfect for yoga. I think the colors used on the top are very relaxing, and the pant and shirt combination is perfect for moving smoothly in yoga class.

I don't know if you have ever worn a regular tee and sweats when doing yoga, but trust me, sometimes your shirt ends up over your head! The top from Zobha is the perfect solution since it is tight enough to stay in place but also comfortable and stretchy enough for the fluid motions of yoga.

The contest also includes a hoodie, but I love the Lounge Wrap in black! Stylish enough to wear anywhere. I really am starting to like more feminine "girly" styles, which is kind of weird if you know me.

Zobha also has an awesome yoga bag, called the City Bag in pink and brown. Brown is defiitely my favorite color and I love it pair with bright colors like pink and aqua. A yoga bag is a must have when you are going to classes! I also have trouble keeping up with stuff, so a bag could help me get way more organized and ready to go.

They are also giving away a silk eye pillow filled with lavender. I don't know how much you love lavender, but let me tell you it is amazing! Real lavender is one of my favorite scents. If you haven't smelled the buds yourself then you don't know what you are missing. Zobha offers a silk eye pillow filled with lavender, definitely worth it if you want to relax. I also use lavender for helping my kids relax at bedtime! I know that a lavender eye pillow would be so relaxing to use, I would probably use it way more than necessary just because I love the scent so much.

These are all my favorite styles from Zobha, but they have lots of other yoga supplies, too! I am just getting started with yoga on a daily basis so I don't have all the gear yet. I would love to win the contest that Zobha is offering! All you need to do is make a blog post like this one and link back to the Zobha website with your favorite pieces from the site. They have some really cool styles, too, so you are going to find lots of things you love right away!

If I won I would definitely feel more comfortable in yoga. I totally love the colors from this company. Very modern and sleek, but also timeless enough to last for quite some time!

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