Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Baby and Beer on TV

I am a co-sleeping Mom, and nights are often the time when Little Zelda Fanatic gets my undivided attention. Last night, we were lying down watching TV when a guy took a drink of beer. I didn't even know that my son knew what beer was, but as soon as he noticed the can he goes "Beer is good".
Of course, the Mom in me took over, even though I know beer is pretty good.
Me: Beer makes you sick. Only grownups drink it.
Little Zelda Fanatic: When I get big as Daddy, I'm gonna drink beer.
Me: (shocked) OK.

What the heck? How do kids even know what beer is when their parents don't drink it and they haven't seen anyone drink it? I guess that they just learn so much it's crazy in the first few years. Little Zelda Fanatic is almost 4 now, so I think the Mommy protecting stage is going to have to turn into Mommy educating-beer-is-bad-ABCs-are-good stage.

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