Monday, January 31, 2011

Unsupportive Friends and Family; Cloth Diapers

Personally, cloth diapering and going green have been a very positive experience. My friends and family were very supportive, and so far I have provided cloth diapers for at least 4 kids in my family, which I was absolutely ecstatic to do. One other mom with two on the way has also committed to using a diaper service for her babies after birth. I love sharing the love! One of the moms is only using cloth as a backup, but two other moms I know have now switched to cloth diapers.

My husband, in the beginning, wasn't as supportive as I would have liked. He didn't want me to invest in cloth diapers. Today, I am pretty sure he would be totally disappointed if I went back to using disposables. We haven't bought any disposable diapers in over a year.

When he wasn't being supportive, I just ignored him. I have the talent (or curse) of not really caring what other people think even if I respect their opinion. So, when my husband was upset over me "wasting" money on cloth I just did it anyway. But, I also have the luxury of having my own account so he really can't tell me what to buy!

People always suspect that those using cloth diapers are too poor to afford "real diapers". My dad asked me if I was having problems buying diapers when I told him I switched to cloth! If only they knew that the investment in cloth and wool that I have made really exceeds the amount I have saved by switching to cloth. Most often, money saving isn't the point of using cloth. Saving the environment is.

I am always curious when moms aren't being supported in their decision to use cloth. My husband is amazing. He washes all the diapers and hangs them out to sun when needed. I don't know if I could have gotten so far without his support. Does your spouse support your decision to use cloth diapers? If not, how do you deal with it?


  1. my husband was all for the idea of not having to buy disposables, but he will not change a cloth diaper! If I am out of the house my kids are in sposies :( Honestly, I started cloth diapering because having two in sposies was expensive, but after becoming addicted I don't think we will actually save any money. The way I see it at least all of those diapers aren't sitting in the landfills and my babies have happy bums :)

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  2. I know I havent saved any money lol My husband is 100% on board, though, so he doesn't mind how many cute cloth diapers I buy anymore.

  3. Hi Amanda!
    Thanks for the love on twitter :)

    My dh was very supportive of cloth diapers because I have an extremely cheeeeeeeeeep stash! But he doesn't help change or wash its a win/win for him.

    I do meet moms that give me strange looks when they find out I cloth diaper...its like they perceive me as a snob or something! But I don't LOVE CLOTH!!

    Green is the way to be :) And its good Karma too <3

    Jessica @
    p.s. love your blog title...hehehe..
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