Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Lions Cloth Diapers Review: Prefolds

I love, love prefold diapers. They are my favorite diaper, but I only use them when its warmer outside. I do stock up on prefolds and prefitted diapers for summer and spring in the winter, though. The frugal mom in me just can't resist a deal!

Last week I picked up a dozen prefolds from Little Lions for $12. Let me just say it made my day to find prefolds so inexpensively, and from a brand that I love. Little Lions are soft, cushy and long lasting. My son is one and I still have his newborn infant prefolds and capris that I bought when he was about two months old, and they are still going strong. I use the capris to stuff pocket diapers, and the preemie and infant prefold diapers for wipes.

I have to say I really love Little Lions diapers, but I have also heard that Green Mountain prefold diapers are amazing.

To use a prefold diaper, you simply need toline the back up and fold it around the baby's front. Tuck the "extra" top of the diaper by folding the front down slightly under the belly button. You can use pins or a snappy to hold it in place. You can also fold your prefold into thirds and just lay it in your diaper cover, then put the cover on baby as normal. This works great for me with Little Wiggle Worm because he doesn't like to sit still for pins at all, and snappis just don't look comfy to me sometimes.

It does take some practice to learn how to use a prefold diaper, but it is worth it. They are cute and totally comfy for baby, especially when it is hot outside. We use our prefold diapers exclusively once spring turns warm, even at night.

There is a pretty good deal on diapers at Amazon, too. This is my affiliate link. If you are a Swagbucks mom, then you can even use your Swagbucks for Amazon giftxcards and get free diapers! Last time I bought a Snappi on Amazon they sent me Prime free for a year! Indian Prefold Diaper, Unbleached Regular


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  3. Hi there! Thanks for sharing your review. I'm a cloth diapering mama, but don't really do prefolds. I will have to look into the ones you suggested. Great chatting with you last night.

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